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Complete Arena Kit

£POA - Enquire now

Eveything you need for your self build arena:

Perforated drainage pipe


Top and Bottom Membrane

Arena Base Stone


Arena Top & Bottom Membrane

£POA - Enquire now

Bottom Membrane

Woven geotextiles are made from strong and durable extruded polypropylene tapes. Their geotextile design creates high strength and exceptional puncture resistance, meaning outstanding performance and longevity.


Top Membrane

Non-woven membranes over the base stone and beneath the surface are essential. We provide a durable non-woven membrane that can be heat-welded and secured to the perimeter kickboards to create one complete layer.

Arena Post & Rail Fencing

£POA - Enquire now

We can supply arena fencing for any arena size. Made of high quality, green treated, sawn timber.


Treated posts (2400mm X 125mm X 75mm)
3 Treated rails (3600mm X 87mm X 38mm)
3 Treated kickboards (3600mm X 150mm X 38mm)
Gate posts (2500mm X175mm X 175mm)
12ft Timber gate
Adjustable field gate hinge set hook on plate
Gate catch
Securing batten

Arena Maintenance

£POA - Enquire now

Transform your arena into a flawless and safe space with our Arena Maintenance Service. Our experienced professionals will expertly level the surface to a consistent depth, eliminating any unevenness that can affect performance and safety. Plus, we'll meticulously repair any membrane tears, ensuring the long-term durability of your arena.


*Custom arena sizes available on request

**Aggregate prices are subject to availability and access restrictions

***Drainage under arena needs to be connected to suitable outflow

For more information please email

Or call 01296 670 739

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